2019 Reflections (1) – That’s How I Did Not Gym

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Towards the end of 2018, I made myself a promise: that I would sign up at a nearby gym in 2019. I made that promise after agonising about how another year had gone by without me taking any step towards bringing my fantasy body – with well chiseled abs and firm biceps – into reality.

I felt bad for not having acted on the plan to hit the gym in 2018 but at the same time, I remembered that Thessalonian injunction that we should give thanks in all things. It could have been worse, my tiny potbelly could have doubled into a barrel belly or something more sinister, what with all the late night eating I indulged in throughout 2018.

Reader, it is the end of 2019 and I must tell you that I continued to eat late into the night and entered a gym only once throughout the year. But you see, in all things, we give thanks. At least, I finally got around entering an actual gym to make inquiries and even lifted a small dumb bell while asking questions about opening hours. In 2018, I stopped at the reception of Glover Court after pouncing on their famous suya offering, to ask about their gym rates and opening hours and neither stepped into the gym to inspect equipment nor return to fill the registration form.

I have always been fascinated about being physically fit and becoming a bit more bulky. Interestingly however, my weight has hovered around the 67kg region for many years despite various efforts to change the narrative. In some not too distant past, I switched to a particular brand of pricey milk in the hope of adding weight but that clearly did not work out. I decided on registering at a gym as one of my goals for 2019 but I must confess I never stepped into one until the first week in December. Clearly not good enough but in all things we give thanks, my potbelly still bears semblance with a small pot and I managed to run around Ikoyi a few times.

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3 thoughts on “2019 Reflections (1) – That’s How I Did Not Gym

  1. I had a good laugh because I can feel the remorse in your voice and maybe another silent promise. However, something tells you wrote this while eating something you shouldn’t be eating, rubbing your “small pot” and giving thanks for it’s stagnation in growth😂.
    May we all do better next year.

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