For Lady Fritz

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A Birthday Treatise

Loved you at first sight
And while distance might force us apart,
You’ll always hold a place in my heart.
I love your beauty, the ebony shine of it
And the dark sheen of your hair
And the glassy sparkle of your teeth
And the mellisonant voice that melts my core.

I love it when you smile and you should know
I walk around with images of your lips
Spreading gently like royalty
By the door of the hall at GIMPA,
Rocking your natural hair in a bun
That sits like a halo on a svelte angel
A real crowning glory for Lady Sandra of House Abruquah.

It is Easter and I want to go back to Kempinsky
Not to see the Crazinist’s many underwears
Or the lovely murals that grace the hallways
But to relive the perfection that was being with you
To live again in those minutes when your gaze held mine
And my hands touched yours
And the world seemed a peaceful symphony.

Maybe I will go there again
Maybe I will go with you or meet you there
Whichever course life’s winds blow
I will keep your smile close to my heart
Till I see you again
Hopefully in this life
And not just the next.

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