Thank You for Giving Me the Best Birthday Yet

It was my birthday yesterday, April 2, 2019 and truth be told, I have not been so overwhelmed by an outpouring of love in such a long time or may be ever. When B called me on April 1 to ask me how I was feeling about my birthday as it approached, she was speaking from a place of concern and knowledge of how birthdays often led me down a contemplative path and ended with me being indifferent because I usually felt under-accomplished. So, when I told her I was indifferent about it, she retorted, “I would have been surprised if you had said anything else.”

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A Personal Manifesto

I believe in a world where every man is able to create opportunities for his own success. It is my utmost desire to see a better Nigeria and a thriving African continent. We are the generation saddled by the circumstances of our birth and the opportunities availed us, with the task of thinking through and collaborating to address the infrastructure challenge of the continent, from Lagos to Limbe, from Maputo to Marrakech and from Niamey to Nairobi. As for me, I make a solemn promise to keep pushing the limits on this path.